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CTS Conference

There are conferences that teach you how to plant, how to teach, how to preach, and even how to grow, but few that teach you how to innovate.  Church & Technology Summit (CTS) is the premiere church technology conference.  Our primary objective is to show the church “what’s next” in technology and how to best utilize technology to expand the church’s reach and advance the  Gospel of the Kingdom.


Church & Technology Summit is a 3 ½ day multi track conference bringing together industry experts, technology enthusiasts alongside  ministry leaders & their teams for a time of equipping for next level ministry in a post-COVID era.


From lead pastors. executive pastors, creative teams, lighting/sound engineers, communications directors, media teams, content creators, and even the church’s back-office staff, technology influences and enhances each of their roles.  This is why they all find their way annually to Church & Technology Summit.

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