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Church Technology Grants in
Partnership with Microsoft 

CTS Technology Grants

As a certified Microsoft partner, Axtegrity Consulting is proud to announce the partnership with Microsoft to offer technology grants to the communities of faith by way of the Nonprofit Tech Acceleration Initiative. The NTA initiative provides technology & services to remove IT barriers and help US-based nonprofits serving  the community of faith with  an emphasis on Black & African American communities increase the impact of their missions.


The NTA initiative will provide the following:

  • $3500.00 in annual Azure credits

  • 10 free or reduced priced Microsoft 365 Business Premium licenses

  • 5 free or reduced priced Dynamics 365 Sales & Enterprise licenses

  • Access to a ChMS (Church Management System) reduced by 95% ($600.00 annually)

  • 10 free or reduced priced Power App licenses

  • Special reduced pricing on additional licenses

Sign up today for the Nonprofit Tech Acceleration Initiative and begin your digital transformation journey today.

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