Learn from the experts and get inspiration from ministry pioneers. We have assembled a group of speakers who are leaders in technology and engagement through their ministries. Gain actionable ideas that you can take back to your church and implement right away. 


Luke Barnett

Senior Pastor, Dream City Church

Luke Barnett is a charismatic pastor, husband, father, author, international speaker and visionary. Luke and his wife, Angel, have been married over 25 years and have two daughters, Aubrey and Annalee. Luke is Senior Pastor of Dream City Church (DCC), with eight campuses and a church body of over 30,000 people. He is driven by a God-inspired vision to see Arizona become known as a Christian state.  

Pastor Luke is a passionate advocate of human trafficking rescue and humanitarian relief. According to the U.S. State Department, Arizona is the main destination and transit point for labor and sex trafficking, both nationally and internationally. The Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Colorado City Dream Centers, along with StreetLightUSA, now house the world’s largest human trafficking rescue and recovery programs, earning a 92% success rate with over 2,800 girls rescued to date, some as young as nine years old.  At the Phoenix Dream Center 126 babies were born during the girls time in the program. 

Keynote Speaker, Opening Session
The Church: Resisting a Change Resistant Mindset

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 | 9:00 am


Joseph Walker, III D. Min 

Presiding Bishop, The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International

Keynote Speaker, General Session
We're Not in Trouble, We're in Transition

Thursday, September 30, 2021 | 4:00 pm

Pastors Only Roundtable

Thursday, September 30, 2021 | 10:30 am

Bishop Joseph Warren Walker, III, is the senior leader of the historic Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee. He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana to Deacon Joseph and Mrs. Rosa Walker. 


Bishop Walker received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. He holds three honorary Doctorates from Meharry Medical College, Southern University, Kentucky State University, respectively. 


Mark Moore Jr.

CEO, The Moore Group Enterprises

Keynote Speaker, General Session
The Wonder & Fear of Technology in the Church

Thursday, September 30, 2021 | 9:00 am

Pastors Only Roundtable

Thursday, September 30, 2021 | 10:30 am

Elder Mark Moore, Jr. resides in Atlanta and is a graduate of Morehouse College, where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. He is the CEO and founder of The Moore Group Enterprises under which he successfully hosts retreats, masterclasses, and conferences with attendees from around the world. 


His impact through the Young Leaders Conference is unparalleled. It has grown from 50 to over 5,000 registrants from 49 states and over 20 countries around the world filling convention centers and arenas. In 2019, they made history as being the first faith-based conference to host five presidential candidates at one time. 


 He is emerging as one of his generation’s premier thought leaders in the areas of ministry, media, and the marketplace. He is a visionary who is passionate about empowering and inspiring his generation to take its place in leadership, strengthen churches, and the communities around them across the world. 


Chris Sonksen

Lead Pastor, South Hills Church

Keynote Speaker, General Session

Where Do We Go From Here?

Friday, October 1, 2021 | 9:00 am

Pastors Only Roundtable

Thursday, September 30, 2021 | 10:30 am

Chris Sonksen is the founder and Lead Pastor of South Hills Church and has an exceptional ability to inspire both secular and non-secular audiences. Under his leadership, South Hills has experienced phenomenal growth and in just a few short years has grown from a handful of people at a single campus to several thousand across nine campuses. South Hills has become a thriving, multi-service and multi-site church.   


Chris is the founder of Church Boom an organization with an unwavering commitment to excellence in all things, with the goal to “raise the national average of church attendance,” by equipping church leaders with resources and coaching. Chris brings high-energy focus and a passion for vision and leadership to encourage and equip the local Church. 


Gary Sprewell

CEO, God Sent Music Group

Keynote Speaker, General Session

Why Does Digital Transformation Matter to the Church?

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 | 3:30 pm

Pastors Only Roundtable

Thursday, September 30, 2021 | 10:30 am

Not just a preacher but also an entrepreneur, Gary Sprewell is the president and CEO of God Sent Music Group, Cartoonrentals.com and GSM Publishing.


In 2008 he was asked to move to Grand Rapids, Michigan to work with multi-award winning artist Marvin L. Sapp (“Mr. Never Would’ve Made It”).  Sprewell wrote his first book “The Upgrade” in 2016 and is completing his second book “Limitless” which promises to be a best seller as well. 



CEO, Axtegrity Consulting & TechChurch.io

Keynote Presenter

Pastors Only Roundtable

Thursday, September 30, 2021 | 10:30 am

Keith is a self-described “techie”.  He developed this passion while serving as the Senior Fiscal Officer (Controller) with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) prestigious Media Lab.   


The MIT Media Lab is one of the world’s leading research and academic organizations.  The Lab creates disruptive technologies that happen at the edges, pioneering such areas as wearable computing, tangible interfaces, and affective computing.  Unconstrained by traditional disciplines, Media Lab designers, engineers, artists, and scientists strive to create technologies and experiences that enable people to understand and transform their lives, communities, and environments. 


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Ryan Romeo

Pastor of Creative Arts,
Living Streams Church

Ryan Romeo is an author, and speaker. He is the author of the OUTCRY and Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground. He has a deep passion for the Church and all things creative. He is currently the Pastor of Creative Arts at Living Streams church in Phoenix, AZ. 


Josh King

Joshua King Media, LLC

Joshua King is a video strategist and owner of Joshua King Media, LLC,  a Christ-follower and preacher's kid. Josh is a video professional with over 10+ years in the industry. His work has been featured in the New York Times and Vox Media & is the host of The Video Strategist Podcast.


David Lopez

Church & Client Relations
Florida Baptist Financial Services

In 2020, Dave began working with Florida Baptist Financial Services helping churches make their stewardship decisions more simplified. He helps churches create clearer short term, midterm, and long-term strategies that assist churches in reaching their financial goals for the church and their attendees.  


Jerry Q. Parries


In 2020, Pastor Jerry launched a new company called VRGOS “A Virtual Reality Company” where we help churches create a 360-degree experience of their worship service and their members can view and virtually be inside the church from anywhere in the world. We also provide recording artists, authors, and actors a platform where they can reach millions of people through a new and exciting partnership in the VR world. 


Derrick McRae

Senior Pastor,
The Experience Christian Center

Throughout his life and ministry, Derrick McRae has demonstrated a caliber of leadership and insight beyond his years.  Recognized as an instructor, preacher, lecturer, motivational speaker, church growth coach, mentor, talk show host, radio personality, and business owner –Derrick McRae is an anointed man of God whose voice calls for national and global leadership that enhances the quality of life for all people. 


Stephan  Swinford

Director of IT

Dream City Church

Stephan Swinford is the Director of IT for Dream City Church. Stephan's passion is in finding ways that technology can amplify the reach, efficiency, and speed of the Church. He has been in the I.T. field for nearly 15 years, working in both public education as well as non-profit organizations, and has worked with the White House Communications Agency to establish data and communications networks for a Presidential event. 


Quacy Smith, Esq.

Managing Partner,
Smith & Green Attorneys at Law

Dr. Quacy Smith is a founding partner of Smith & Green who serves as the Office Managing Shareholder of its Arizona operations.  He also serves as the CEO/Chairman of the Board of Directors.  His legal prowess and corporate experience has proven to be invaluable to Farrage & Smith, as well as their diverse clientele. 

Mike Brown - Faithlife.jpeg

Mike Brown

Director of Partnerships,

Mike Brown, Director of Partnerships at Faithlife has served in pastoral ministry, church planting, and coaching for over 25 years. His passion for the church and technology has him spearheading strategic partnerships with thriving denominations, movements, and networks across the world for the past five years. Mike, his wife, and two teenage sons live in Phoenix, AZ.


Mark  MacDonald


Be Known for Something

Mark MacDonald is Founder, Church Branding Strategist for BeKnownForSomething.com, a national church communication and branding agency, coaching pastors and 1000s of churches to become relevant in their community. He’s a bestselling author, written 800+ magazine articles, and is the Exec Director of Center for Church Communication. Over 30+ years, Mark has served as Pastor, Marketing VP, Creative Director, Speaker, and Strategist.


Ben Gowell

Executive Pastor
Christ's Church of the Valley

Ben serves as an Executive Pastor at Christ's Church of the Valley, where he leads the Worship, Production, Media Arts, Marketing & Communications, Interactive Technology, and Next Gen ministry teams. He has an extensive background in the professional music industry and world of creative arts and has served as a worship leader and pastor in the local church for the past 20 years. 


Angie Richey

President of Life Pacific University

Angie Richey is the President of Life Pacific University and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has a background in marketing, communications, and multi-generational content and message creation, with a particular emphasis on Gen Z, across digital and traditional platforms. She is a mental health advocate, recognizing the powerful impact of technology on mental health. A recognized voice in Christian higher education, she is a future-focused innovator with a proven track record of adaptive leadership. 


Aubrey Barnett-Matthesius

Hope Heroes TV Show

Aubrey Matthesius is the director of Dream City Church’s women’s ministry and is a part of the multi-campus marketing department. Her marketing experience includes social media management, online campus host; and her current role, producer of Hope Heroes Tv show. She and her husband Ash Matthesius are passionate about the next generation and she believes that doing ministry through digital platforms can only enhance the church's impact. 


Jena Andres

Head of CX & Marketing,

Jena Andres is a marketing leader with over 15 years of experience launching B2C & B2B brand strategies campaigns that meaningfully engage people and drive results. Jena has worked with start-ups and Fortune 100 brands! 

Laura Williams.jpg

Laura Williams

Senior Dynamics 365 Consultant,
Axtegrity Consulting

Laura is the Senior Dynamics 365 Consultant for Axtegrity Consulting.  Laura has over 5 years of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 products and contributed to the build of a Dynamics 365 Nonprofit product that has a focus on providing a technology solution for churches and faith-based organizations.  Other areas of specialty include Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Field Service.


Edoardo Morera

Director of Digital Marketing,

Edoardo Morera is the Director of Digital Marketing for both Axtegrity Consulting and TechChurch.io. Edoardo has over 10 years of experience in creative design and digital marketing and has worked in various industries including; events, hospitality, food & beverage, and health & fitness just to name a few.