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Digital Marketing

The sessions in the Digital Marketing with an emphasis on Social Media track will give you practical takeaways, best practices, and real-world success stories for reaching your target audience. This combined with the latest industry trends from the most innovative thinkers in the Faith-based digital media community will prove to be valuable for years to come. 

ALL TIMES ARE SET TO Mountain Standard Time (MST)*


Digital Ministry -Why Digital Matter!

Jena Andres

09/29/2021 | 10:15 AM

Growing your online presence takes a strategy, not just setting up a few social media profiles and hoping people follow you. When it comes to Thinking Digital we focus on Engagement, Branding, Delegation, eCommerce, and Innovation. You need to have an effective content strategy that will educate, inform and inspire your online audience. Depending on the type of content, this can be written, social, video, photos, audio or interactive types of content. When it comes to innovation, we need to adapt and adjust to the new methods that are always evolving when it comes to digital platforms. Our message will continue to remain effective and impactful but the methods will continue to evolve.


Building an Online Campus

Jena Andres

09/29/2021 | 11:30 AM

Internet Church Campuses are springing up quickly and becoming a way to engage millennials and others that are not able to consistently come to your church building. As the church continues to find ways to take ministry to the people, Internet Church has become a very pivotal tool for the ministry. This workshop is designed to help you effectively create and manage an Online Campus for your ministry.


Polishing Your Livestream & Next Steps

Josh King

09/29/2021 | 1:30 PM

After more than a year, we may not all be experts at live streaming, but we've all started to get the hang of it! This session is designed for ministries ready to take their live streaming to the next level. How do you balance the need for excellence with the ability to execute at a high level every week? There are some practical things you can do right away to take your livestream up a notch for your congregation and the people discovering you for the first time online.


Facebook: A Tool of Evangelism & Outreach

Aubrey Barnett

09/30/2021 | 10:30 AM

Facebook is arguably one of the largest social media hubs used by just about every demographic. This reality represents and amazing opportunity to reach people we would never have had an opportunity to reach previously. This workshop is designed to give you practical tools and methods for building a sustainable Facebook presence in engaging with this growing mission field.


First Impressions - Online and Offline

Ryan Romeo

09/30/2021 | 1:00 PM

The first impression your church makes with a new visitor is essential to whether or not they return for another visit. And as a church, you don’t have that much time to influence their decision. If you want new people in your community to become a part of your church, then you need to know what influences their experience with your church and if they will or will not return for another visit. In this workshop, we will look at key ways to make great first impressions online and offline.


Repurposing Your Content in Ministry

Josh King

09/30/2021 | 2:30 PM

Church is more than just Sunday morning, right? The same goes for your video content! Video is the most engaging content online today, and your livestream is just the beginning. There's never been a better time for ministries to leverage the power of video to reach people the other six days of the week. In this workshop, discover practical ways to repurpose your Sunday video and shoot simple but strategic videos you can use again and again to engage and grow your community.


LAB: Performing an Effective Social Media Audit

TechChurch Staff

10/01/2021 | 10:30AM

What is a social media audit? Why is a social media audit necessary? How can I conduct an effective social media audit? What do I do with the audit now that I have one?

These and other questions will be addressed during this session by our digital media experts.




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