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SEPT. 28-OCT. 1, 2021

Phoenix, AZ

Accelerate Your Ministry, Elevate Your Experience & Amplify Your Network

In recent years buzz words like ‘Digital Transformation’, Digital Strategy’ and ‘Digital Footprint’ are all around us.  Technology is advancing at an alarming rate and if you’re not engaged in the process on some level, you’re going to get left behind.


Churches are not exempt from this reality.  In order to stay relevant, you’re going to need more than a website and an app.  You’re going to need a strategic plan, a roadmap and a clear vision of what exactly you want to accomplish and how technology can assist you in achieving those goals.


Church & Technology Summit 2022 is a 3 ½ day multi track conference bringing together Lead/Executive Pastors, Industry Experts, Technology Enthusiasts and Digital/Social Media Managers seeking how they can more effectively advance ministry through technology in this digital age.


Participants representing churches of all sizes from across the country will be provided useful information on current technology trends, common issues facing faith-based organizations and how technology can help solve them. Attendees will also experience networking opportunities and a marketplace with various technology solutions designed for the faith-based community.


The sessions are designed to be practical & hands-on so that the attendees will leave with specific resources to develop and deploy a comprehensive digital transformation strategy within their ministries.


This simply is a “can’t miss” event.  Registration is now open. 

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