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It's About Connecting @ CTS

Welcome to the 2nd full day of Church & Technology Summit (CTS) – Phoenix!  Hopefully you are getting everything out of this conference that you expected and more.  We’ve got a plethora of information, ideas, and resources to share with you today & tomorrow.


Remember, CTS is more than an opportunity for learning or pivoting, it’s about connecting.  Connecting with your team, strengthening, relationships & building new ones.


We’re excited to see that so many of you didn’t come alone, but you brought your team with you.  Not only does that help to optimize your experience at CTS, but it also fosters stronger community.


This week make sure that you purposefully set aside time with your team and participate in some team building exercises and events.  There’s plenty to do here in Phoenix.  Thanks to our friends at Visit Phoenix, some great suggestions of activities have been made for you and your team to participate in.

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