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Image by Paweł Czerwiński


The Opportunity 

We can all point to a leader who inspired us, believed in us, and invested in us, enabling us to be in the position of influence we share today.


The 2021 Church and Technology Summit presents a tremendous opportunity to sow tangibly into the lives of promising leaders and the ministries they lead who may not have the resources to attend. This 3 1/2-day conference will provide practical, hands-on information on current technology trends, common issues facing faith-based organizations and tangible resources that can be implemented immediately following the conference. 

The Goal

To see 200 resource constrained, deserving leaders and their ministry teams attend 2021 Church and Technology Summit. A seed of $4,000 will cover registration for 10 leaders. Some ministries may be able to do more, some less. It's not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice.


  • Identify leaders/ministries within your sphere of influence who you know would benefit from the practical tools and information they will receive at the 2021 Church and Technology Summit but may be resource constrained.


  • Process your investment into the leaders/ministries you have identified by clicking on SPONSOR button below to pay their conference registration fee. Many ministries are considering this as an extension of their missions giving.


  • MATCHING GIFT: For each sponsorship of 3 or more, 2021 Church and Technology Summit will match the gift for 3 additional attendees.


  • Alternatively, you can sow into the general scholarship fund by clicking the DONATE button below and the 2021 Church and Technology Summit team will match with deserving ministries.

  • MATCHING GIFT: For each sponsorship of 3 or more, 2021 Church and Technology Summit will match the gift for 3 additional attendees

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